By Sydney Slacas, Assistant Registrar When you visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, have you ever thought about who cares for the extraordinary collection? With the collection spanning nearly 6,000 years of artistic achievement, the CMA’s Collections Management team works hard every day to install exhibitions, coordinate art shipments, complete […]

Robert Senior won the Scenes of Everyday Life Category Award in the Jackson’s Painting Prize this year with his oil painting, Train Station. In this interview, Sayan Baigaliyev, the previous award winner from the year before, asks Robert about his practice and process, his studio and how he approaches creative […]

Botanical painter and watercolour tutor Sandrine Maugy tests Jackson’s Curated Set for Vegan Watercolour.   Sandrine Maugy Tests Jackson’s Curated Sets: Vegan Watercolour First I have to say that I was thrilled for Jackson’s to curate a vegan watercolour set. Finding information on art materials and whether or not they […]