Daily Archive: February 4, 2021

Bette Midler Slams Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in Parody Video

Following up their “Goodbye Donnie” political parody video of late month, Bette Midler, who is clearly no fan of former President Trump and the Republican party, has again joined forces with Meidas Touch, this time focusing their sights on insurrection-enabling Republican senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. The withering video is soundtracked by Midler singing “Cruz and Hawley” to the tune of “Love and Marriage,” the 1955 song written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen and made popular by Frank Sinatra.

As Midler sings the lyrics below, the video shows footage of the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol

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How to Balance Your Design Sensibilities With the Realities of Living With Kids

I’m not saying that my apartment has ever been worthy of an AD spread, but the arrival of my first kid and the busload of toys and baby furniture that came with him certainly didn’t bring me any closer. With rattles and toy blocks littered around the living room and crayon smudges on the walls, my interior was no longer the thoroughly considered personal sanctuary it was before the family extension.

Little by little, though, I was able to reclaim my space. Instead of letting my space get fully baby-fied, I chose to stick to the decor that brought

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Art review: Experimental photography on display in joint exhibits at MECA

Installation of “Tory Fair: Portable Window” at Maine College of Art. Photo by Joel Tsui

The most universal experience of the COVID pandemic has been one of waiting: waiting for the chance to touch each other again, for test results to relieve or affirm our dread, for restaurants to reopen and life to resume, for a vaccine, for it all to be over. We wait inside our homes peering out our windows at the landscape, or through the “window” of a computer screen on endless Zoom calls that look into the landscapes of other people’s lives.

A joint exhibition at

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Lifetime movie in Clinton increases attraction in film industry

Shooting continues in Clinton for the upcoming Lifetime film “Teacher’s Watching.”

a car parked on a street: Lifetime movie in Clinton

Lifetime movie in Clinton

It’s not only brought excitement to the city, but it could provide opportunities to locals.

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Communications Director Mark Jones said this may not be the last time Mississippians see the city of Clinton make an appearance on television.

Conversations have started with other production companies to also consider Clinton for their films.

According to Jones, these projects are not just opening doors for Clinton but also for Central Mississippi.

“With the sheer number of films that they’re

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