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Women stir cultural melting pot with art on COVID-19 Pages exhibit

“I’ve always wanted to use the past and make present statements,” says artist and architect LaVerne Wells-Bowie. 

Locked up in her home during quarantine, Wells-Bowie was in the midst of an artistic block. Typically she would be traveling internationally and collecting vernacular art pieces to adorn her studio space. She is moved by textures and three-dimensional work, and typically uses found materials. 

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During the lockdown, she decided to rummage through old boxes of

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Guy Pearce Reimagines His ‘Memento’ Process

Pearce is also looking back at his role as Leonard Shelby in Christopher Nolan’s Memento, which released in U.S. theaters on Mar. 16, 2001. Since Shelby suffered from anterograde amnesia and was incapable of retaining new memories, Pearce is now considering if his most celebrated performance would have benefited even more from not reading the entire script and only receiving each day’s shooting pages.

“When I did that film, I spent two weeks with Chris Nolan doing a bit of rehearsal,” Pearce recalls. “I had to put all that down and just remember that, ultimately, Leonard really

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New Exhibition Takes Wing at MWPAI ‘More Than a Tweet: Birds, Art, and Culture’ March 12 through August 1 | The Scene

March 12 through August 1

UTICA — The captivating delight of birds is explored in the exhibition, “More Than a Tweet: Birds, Art, and Culture,” March 12 through August 1.in the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art.

Elusive creatures of wonder and delight, birds have long fascinated artists and designers. “More Than a Tweet” explores the use of avian motifs and the colorful meanings associated with these mesmerizing creatures interpreted by artists including Georges Braque and John James Audubon. The exhibition is made up of artworks from the Museum of Art collection spanning two centuries, and features 22 paintings, works

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