Daily Archive: June 22, 2021

Inside the Broadway Community Project: How Group Sales Help Develop Today and Tomorrow’s Audiences

The arts and culture industries remain largely at a standstill in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, affecting millions of workers in an already delicate ecosystem. The Broadway Community Project, from industry veterans Greg Schaffert, Tiffani Gavin, Situation Interactive, and Playbill, was developed to shed light on the myriad fields and roles that go into making the curtain rise.

In the Broadway Community Project series, we shine a spotlight on the faces you may not see on stage, but are nevertheless critical in creating and maintaining a theatre production. These are just some of the arts workers who have put

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Decorah’s Vesterheim Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts

To see the most extensive collection of Norwegian-American artifacts in the world, you don’t have to travel farther than Decorah, home of the Vesterheim National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School.

“What makes Vesterheim special is our long connection to art and history in America,” said Paul Gilbert, Marketing Director at Vesterheim.

Norwegian Americans began collecting and preserving objects at Luther College in Decorah in 1877 to document their chapter of the immigrant story, “making them pioneers in the preservation of cultural diversity in America,” said Gilbert. From that collection, the museum was born — now a not-for-profit museum accredited

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