Daily Archive: June 28, 2021

Here’s where to immerse yourself in arts and culture in Anchorage

Whether you’re drawn to fine art, hungry for history, or seeking a singular cultural tourism experience, Anchorage’s arts and culture scene has you covered.

For many, the journey begins at the Anchorage Museum, an all-encompassing hub centrally located at 625 C St., in easy walking distance for downtown-dwelling tourists.

The sprawling and modern museum boasts boundless galleries that reverently showcase Alaska Native history, arts and culture. You’ll find dainty but durable woven grass baskets, traditional clothing fashioned from skins and furs, and intricate bead work and hand tools dating to long-ago times.

The museum’s Art of the North exhibit

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Meet Hill Street Country Club and Club Boutika: Oceanside gallery and art collective host High Tea event

Alofa Gould walks in and almost immediately bursts into tears.

Gould is an artist and musician who also happens to be in the service industry. Working on Father’s Day after a global pandemic has been a bit much. Just as quick as the U.S. celebrated “essential workers” during the pandemic, many of those same workers are on the frontline again, this time having to deal with crowded restaurants filled with often anxious and sometimes abusive customers.

But just as soon as Gould walks into Hill Street Country Club (HSCC), she is surrounded by her colleagues and friends, who offer her

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