Daily Archive: July 3, 2021

Erie Arts & Culture announces new guidelines for Emergency Assistance Fund

Erie Arts & Culture announced Friday new guidelines for the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund.

With the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund, creative and cultural professionals, including artists of all disciplines, who have experienced a disruption to their income stream can request up to $500 in assistance.

These funds are critical to ensuring that creative and cultural workers in Erie receive the support that they need – particularly when many have already been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the newly expanded guidelines, these individuals will have greater opportunity to receive

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Pamplin Media Group – Wilsonville Arts and Culture Council announces live, virtual performance series

Offerings include concerts, dance routine at local church and WilsonvilleSTAGE show.

Unable to host its annual Festival of the Arts again, the Wilsonville Arts and Culture Council is offering another way for local residents to experience the arts, providing in-person and virtual opportunities to do so.

The organization announced in a press release June 25 that it’s hosting the Wilsonville Summer Performance Series, which will include live performances July 16-17 at Meridian United Church of Christ, as well as recordings that will be available virtually throughout August and September.

Contributing artists include Grammy Award-winning West Linn guitarist Mark Hanson, who

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