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Erie Arts and Culture wins $250 part of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

A city’s art and music scene helps define the cultural health of an area. The Erie Arts and Culture group is dedicated to protecting and promoting that cultural health.

That work will be helped by $250 after the group’s name was drawn for this week’s Loving Giving Local award.

Erie already has a vibrant art scene, but each day, members of the Erie Arts and Culture Group work to improve that scene, doing fundraising to support projects that help create new works for the Erie community.

Those efforts will benefit from the group being randomly drawn for this week’s Loving

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Computers And Expertise Worksheets And On-line Workout Routines

Students examine victims of crime and the impression that crime has on their lives, their families and society. Students elevate personal consciousness via the study of historical past of victimology and the victims’ motion, the nature and extent of victimization, its rising theories and resulting laws. In addition, victims’ providers, accessibility to services, rights of the sufferer and the victim in the criminal justice system are examined. Students also explore crime within the office, schools, and campuses and the significance of recognizing those at risk. Learn prolonged Object-Oriented Programming concepts and develop the stable programming abilities which might be conditions … Read More

Here are the best movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix in August

Netflix has more great programming than anyone could possibly consume in their lifetime, and in these days of social distancing, we need it more than ever. So how do you find the best movies and TV shows on Netflix? Here’s TODAY’s list of Netflix 2021 recommendations for what to watch today — from new releases to classics to binge watch. So settle back in the sofa and start bingeing!

What to watch on Netflix in August 2021

All New

1 (Netflix)

1 (Netflix)

“Pray Away”

Survivors, former leaders and others who were subjected to “conversion therapy” talk about how it has devastated

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Teen artists bring fresh perspective to BMoA ArtWorks exhibition

Jul. 28—If understanding the biases and expectations of identity in modern life is complicated for adults, it’s even more so for teenagers. Some creative students put pen (or brush or other tools) to their chosen medium to interpret those ideas for “Deconstructing the Lens: Selections from the Students in the BMoA ArtWorks Program.”

The exhibition features work from 12 high school juniors and seniors who took part in the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s semester-long experience with virtual class sessions, guest lectures from local artists and mentorship from museum staff.

It gives viewers the opportunity to see the world as experienced

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