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Massive community effort brings public art project to fruition in northwest Minnesota community of Badger

Sep. 17—BADGER, Minn. — It’s been nearly five years in the making, and now, a massive public art project in this northwest Minnesota community is nearly complete.

The Badger Community Heritage Wall, which includes a 12-by-25-foot stained glass mural of Badger history and culture, along with a gazebo-like gathering space behind the wall, will be dedicated at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 18, during the community’s annual Fall Festival.

For stained glass artist Sherri Kruger-Kukowski of Badger, the end of the project is “a little overwhelming.”

The wall is the centerpiece of a green space Kruger-Kukowski calls Heritage Park — at

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How to celebrate the richness of Latin American culture in NYC, online and in-person

With 61 million Hispanics living across the United States — or 18% of the country’s population — it’s no wonder that the rich, colorful, and diverse cultures of Latin American people have become seamlessly woven into the fabric of U.S. culture.

For more than 50 years, families whose ancestors arrived in this country from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America have celebrated their history and contributions to North American heritage every autumn during Hispanic Heritage Month.

The original commemoration was signed into law in 1968 as National Hispanic Heritage Week, before eventually being expanded to cover a month —

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Personalised Calendars: Everything You Need To Know

Personalised Calendars: Everything You Need To Know - The Orms Photographic  Blog

Stylish, beautiful and bespoke personalised calendars are far more than a collection of pages that allow you to record and reserve your daily and month-to-view appointments and schedule of activities. Made from luxurious high quality paper, these elegant organisational calendars create an attractive feature when hung on a wall, or displayed on a desk or shelf.

Practical and versatile, calendars that are customisable can display striking arrangements of your favourite themed photos, or special moments that capture the happiest of memories of your life. They can show off your exotic far-flung destination holiday snaps, or a random selection of photographs … Read More

Penny Lane on music, “bad” art and “Listening to Kenny G”

Taste in music is a subjective thing, and as much as there are artists who are seemingly universally hailed as geniuses for their talents and contributions to culture as a whole, liking or not liking a musician or group generally isn’t a very controversial stance.

In her new film Listening to Kenny G, director Penny Lane (Hail Satan?) dives into the idea via her subject from the other end by looking at a popular critical punching bag in the form of the smooth jazz musician.

Lane’s film acts both as a traditional biographical documentary about a hugely

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