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The Dreamer Photograph By Martine Roch

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San Diego group wants to create a Black arts district, to share and preserve culture

On a recent morning, artist Kim Phillips-Pea led two women on a walking tour of a gray city block in Encanto that a couple of decades ago was a hub for Black arts, culture and community.

Today, the area is dominated by a trolley line, a handful of businesses, some homes and apartments and some abandoned buildings.

But it is slowly coming back to life with public artwork by local artists, Phillips-Pea said.

The women stopped to marvel at murals of Malcom X, Elbert Howard, Nipsey Hussle and Dolores Huerta, all on a building behind a barber

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Corbyn calls for music and poetry at every meeting to tempt people to socialism

More people could be tempted to embrace socialism by including music and poetry in every meeting, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The former Labour leader told an event at The World Transformed conference, which is running alongside the Labour Party conference in Brighton, that political meetings did not need to be boring and “held on cold winter nights in miserable halls”.

And he said there were many different ways in which people could come to “political conclusions”.

General Election 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with activists at Flash Music Theatre, Edgware, London, in 2019 (Victoria Jones/PA)

Mr Corbyn was responding to a question from

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Culture thrives in America’s most Hispanic, Latino state: New Mexico

As the Hispanic and Latino population grows throughout the U.S., New Mexico has established itself as a haven for people of Latin American and Hispanic descent.

That culture can be seen throughout the streets — in the Pueblo- and Spanish-style architecture, the traditional santeros and the Mexican artistry.

“The Land of Enchantment” is the most Hispanic and Latino state in the country, with 49% of its population identifying as such, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But this population can’t be so easily defined.

PHOTO: A New Mexican retablo, by painter Pedro Antonio Fresquis depicts Our Lady of Protection (Nuestra Senora del Patrocinio), ca. 1815. Retablos typically portray saints, angels or the Virgin Mary and are meant for private devotion in a chapel or home. (Sepia Times/Universal Images Gro)

PHOTO: A New Mexican retablo, by painter Pedro Antonio Fresquis depicts Our Lady of Protection

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