Daily Archive: May 21, 2022

Living, Working, Listening: Black Artist Research Space

Bailey and kolpeace spent a lot of time in BARS completing the work for Music That Raised Us, and the collaborative and communal nature of the residency resulted in a warmth and familiarity that translated easily into the physical space. The show felt like a homecoming. 

For Beckett, Music That Raised Us and BARS are both extensions of her curatorial practice thesis. Born in Silver Spring, Beckett grew up in Dayton, Ohio, “the land of funk music,” and she incorporates references to Dayton and to her family in the show. After earning an undergraduate degree at Fisk University in

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Wave XR CEO Adam Arrigo: Live Music’s Future Is Hybrid

As the pandemic shut down, cancelled and delayed events people had been looking forward to, Wave co-founder and CEO Adam Arrigo saw an opportunity.

His company was founded in 2016 at a time when brands like Oculus and PlayStation were looking to bring virtual reality into the mainstream. Not knowing how ready people would be, Arrigo and his team were conservative with the company’s money.

“We basically didn’t spend any money because we weren’t sure how quickly people were going to strap these things to their heads… And we were kind of right because VR sort of petered out,” said

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Assembly Curated: Bringing Fine Art Photography Into the NFT Space

Dog Days, Bogotá #2 by Alec Soth, owned by @1centWhale

“Alec Soth’s  Dog Days, Bogotá may not be his most famous project, but it’s one of the most honest and true to him as an artist,” Shane Lavalette and Ashlyn Davis Burns, the co-founders of the gallery, creative studio, and agency Assembly Curated, tell me.  “It’s his most personal body of work, and a beautiful story.” 

Soth originally made the photographs in 2002, the year he adopted his baby, Carmen Laura. The artist and his wife, Rachel, spent two months in Bogotá, awaiting her arrival as the paperwork

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How punk inspired art, fashion and photography

AD feature with Ardbeg

When punk crashed onto the scene in the ‘70s, it kickstarted a revolution that continues to make its presence felt today. A musical reaction to the indulgent rock that came before it and rooted in young people’s dissatisfaction with the social conditions of the time. Punk gave them a voice and a community of like-minded people to belong to and shake things up with, railing against the establishment in confrontational outfits designed to shock polite society.

In the decades since it was first spawned, punk has continued to shape alternative music and other creative disciplines too.

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