Daily Archive: May 22, 2022

AmazeVR To Bring Virtual Reality Concerts With Musicians

AmazeVR, a West Hollywood-based virtual reality startup that allows users to experience musical artists’ VR concerts, has secured $15 million in new funding.

The funding round was co-led by Partners Investment and Murex Partners and was oversubscribed within three weeks, according to TechCrunch. The deal takes AmazeVR to nearly $31 million in capital raised since its launch in 2015, with the startup now plotting a Series B raise in early 2022 to fuel further growth, it told the publication. Founded by former executives of South Korean messaging app Kakao, the company has more than 40 employees across its offices

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Colorado Springs singer and ‘sneakerhead’ uses music to share how faith saved his life | Lifestyle

Cory Ard has a thing for smiling and sneakers.

He also has a thing for singing and service.

You would’ve seen Ard show all this off during an Easter service at Zeal Church in Colorado Springs, where he and his wife, Ryann, are members and worshippers on stage.

You would’ve seen light blue Nike sneakers and a matching jacket on Ard, while he held his hands up wide enough to match his smile.

Look at him now. The 30-year-old could easily tell himself that sometimes as a mantra. As a kid, he couldn’t see this kind of life ahead. Not

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Getting Into The Industry: Industry or Film School?

If you’re anything like me you are quite indecisive, searching aimlessly for what the hell to do in the future to make that dream of sitting in a cinema watching a film you made, your friends and family gathered round you telling you how incredible the film is and how much of a great filmmaker you are.

But that doesn’t help the situation right now as you juggle the question of how do I climb that mountain of learning, practice, and experience to help make me one of the best storytellers of my generation? And so you have to begin

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‘He made an impact on all those kids’

Elementary school students made a departing teacher’s day when they showered him with love.

Federal Reserve raises interest rates for first time since 2018

TikToker @itsjoshell shared a clip of her husband, known by his students as Mr. Santos, on his last day of work as an art teacher. The educator was practically swarmed by students who wanted to send him off with warm goodbyes and hugs.

See this tiny New York apartment get an impressive redesign in one day with a $1,000 budget:

“My husband had his last day as an art teacher, and this is how the

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