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Let the power of music bring people together in Galesburg

Sarah Brown

Audio. A topic that can be talked about in a lot of approaches. An plain staple of cultures all close to the planet. Something with the energy to access the souls of folks in strategies that frequent words are unable to. Anything that is so a lot a lot more than it looks. Nonetheless outdated you are, definitely you have that “one song” that you transform up just a minimal little bit more no matter wherever you are or how a lot of occasions you’ve got heard it by means of. Possibly it truly is the Beatles, possibly

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An Interview with Oil Painter Michael John Ashcroft

Michael John Ashcroft ROI MAFA (b 1969), grew up in a small village called Croston in the heart of Lancashire.  After leaving school in 1985 he began his career as an engineer, painting and sketching only in his spare time.  In 1998 he had a major operation to remove a brain tumour and decided to paint more seriously.

Fresh from a Northern Boy’s trip to the Lake District, we caught up with local lad Michael. We spoke with him to find out more about his career to date, his working methods and what inspires him.

Michael J Ashcroft - Deansgate Viaduct, Manchester
Michael J Ashcroft – Deansgate
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Index of Movies [Action, Romance, Adventure, Sci-fi & Animation to Watch in 2020]

Index of Movies [Action, Romance, Adventure, Sci-fi & Animation to Watch in 2020]

Discover the Index of popular Movies to watch now in 2020, these films are from genres like action, romcom, sci-fi, musical, adventure, animation & more.

Hilda Workman

Last updated: Oct 06, 2020 | Oct 01, 2020

There are just so many genres and categories to explore that it becomes hard to identify what kind of movie is your mood set for. Sometimes you see yourself yearning for some action-packed drama, other times all you want to do is watch spy movies, or Romcom and wallow with a tub of ice cream.

Weekends seem a good day to let the child

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All about ‘Torn Hearts,’ a new country music horror film

  • “Torn Hearts” debuted on streaming providers previous thirty day period.
  • Dependent in Nashville, horror giant Blumhouse Television produced the Songs Row movie.

A region new music … horror film? Indeed, it’s a thing. 

“Torn Hearts” — a 97-moment bloody suspense flick from Epix and A-listing Hollywood scare manufacturing facility Blumhouse — will take viewers to a fictional Nashville, wherever a duo of vibrant-eyed women hoping to make a splash on Music Row need a leg up in an marketplace dominated by males slinging stories about again roads and beer ingesting (sounds acquainted, eh?). 

The group — known as Torn Hearts 

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