7 Places in Your Home to Display a Buddha Statue

Buddha Statue Vastu Tips: 7 vastu recommended places to keep a Buddha statue  at home

Gautam Buddha is a representation of wisdom, harmony, and inner calm. Both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra consider statues of Gautam Buddha to be auspicious and signs of good fortune. Placing these statues in various locations throughout your home can affect the tranquility and interpersonal well-being of your family, according to Vastu for Buddha statues for homes. When the Buddha statue is positioned correctly at home, a benevolent spiritual energy is invited. 

The founder of Buddhism and “The Enlightened One” is Gautam Buddha. His statue should be placed in the home, according to Feng Shui and Vastu, to promote peace and spirituality. Buddha statues add aesthetic value and, when positioned correctly, bring calm, wealth, and well-being. The most recognisable depiction of the Buddha is the one who is sitting. Understanding what a sitting Buddha indicates necessitates a comprehension of hand motions.

The majority of Feng Shui analysts are saying that the larger the Buddha, the more luck it can bring. If you’re not quite sure what to acquire at this stage, Shrines and Marketplace will undoubtedly have something that matches your taste and style as well as the atmosphere you want to create in your room. You may purchase Buddha statues from its carefully picked collection that are available on online stores. However, many people frequently wonder if they can buy sculptures online of Gautam Buddha.Yes, you can. If you’re looking for Buddha statues, check out Artshoppy; they have some incredible pieces on display and the best place to buy art online India.

Now let’s look at the seven best locations for a Buddha statue in a house.

At the entrance door

Placing a Buddha statue in your foyer and facing the front door can ensure that there is excellent “chi” right at the entrance to your home. This is also thought to keep dangerous negative energy away from your house. Put your Buddha on a pedestal or a countertop rather than straight on the ground. 

Place it in the living room

Placing a Laughing Buddha on a high shelf will help you to create a friendly and upbeat atmosphere, especially when you have visitors. It will undoubtedly spark a discussion.

In the backyard

You can erect a granite or other hard stone Buddha in a garden area, surrounded by rich vegetation and blooming flowers. Even better, you may choose to put this statue close to a body of moving or calm water. Keep the area tidy at all times, and ensure the figurine is always set on a stand or pedestal rather than directly on the ground. To keep the statue from becoming dirty or filthy, you can wash it with water each day.

In the office or study 

We all know that when we work or study in a relaxed state of mind, we will be able to concentrate and produce superior work. Keep a bust or statue of Buddha nearby, but higher up, and allow that energy to surround you while you work. Additionally, it’s thought that keeping a Buddha on your desk will make all of your business deals fruitful, and we all want that.

On the terrace 

Your Buddha statue should be placed on a balcony or patio that can be transformed into a garden. After a long day, unwind in your garden and let the Buddha’s benevolence renew and revitalize you! Yoga and meditation can be done here as well, and since dawn and sunset are thought to be particularly powerful times you can utilize it for your well being.

Place it in the altar 

As this is a place where they can meditate and pray as earnestly as they can, free from any external disturbance, most Buddhist homes place this piece in a prayer room or at least an altar.

In the children’s room

You can learn about the various Buddhas and their meanings by doing some research. Depending on the statue, this prized item may also be attracted by scholastic achievement. Put a little one on the study desk to assist your child in achieving his or her academic objectives. 

Placing a Buddha statue in the north-east corner of the home, as recommended by Vastu, can aid in attracting beneficial energy and life forces. A Buddha statue will help to ignite this energy and distribute it throughout your home because it is thought that this is the area where the sun’s energy enters the house.


What you believe should be reflected in your serene home. A Buddha is the very epitome of serenity and tranquility. To keep a positive and peaceful energy in your home, Vastu experts advise putting a statue of the Buddha there. We have all seen tastefully positioned Buddha sculptures in gorgeous homes. Vastu claims that the placement of the Buddha in your home might have an effect on your peace of mind. This is so because our dwelling place is strongly related to steadiness and a sound mental state.

We covered the placement of buddha statues in our blog but what about if you have a painting of buddha in your house, where are you going to keep it? Well, fret not because this article answers your doubts. Whether it is a sculpture or a painting or even a photograph, you have to follow the vastu rules. Those who have been thinking about purchasing a sculpture of Lord Buddha should not hesitate and purchase it right now because having one in your abode has advantages. Buddha statues can bring harmony, good vibes, health, and prosperity to your home.You can search up on the internet like let’s say you want to buy a buddha sculpture and your preference is Somnath Hore so you can visit an online store and search for ‘SomnathHore sculptures’, or whichever artists you like, you can just add it up on your search phrase. And , of course, as mentioned earlier you can buy art online from Artshoppy because it is one of the most trusted and genuine stores of India, a place where you can buy contemporary art online or sculptures easily.

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