Art Can Now Be A Tech Company! Mastery of Eternity is Changing How You Interact and Invest in Art Forever

NEW YORK, NY, May 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Digital art has the world in a frenzy. While most people are still finding it hard to wrap their heads around it, some are capitalizing on the beginning of an era. A Mumbai-based art technology company, Basilica Art House, specializes in evaluating and selling digital art and today holds assets worth over $150 million. The majority of this value is realized from their rights over the collection called the Mastery of Eternity which comprises 10 amazingly weird artworks. It features a series of sequentially stacked, progressive storylines presented digitally for esoterically-inclined collectors and is rumored to attract over $100 million in a private sale this quarter. This is not your average digital collection with a cat or a caricatured celebrity but a collection of great depth and meaning. One of the major factors influencing the valuation is the unprecedented characteristics of the collection and the media has not shied away from highlighting it. It is not quite often that you come across a complete collection of digital art that is the first-ever of an art form, created by a genius who’d most likely never create anything again, inspired from a book of mysteries, presented in a unique setting, holds mind-boggling depth, forms a storyline across multiple pieces and can be featured in multiple forms simultaneously. So what’s it really about?

The Mastery of Eternity Collection
The collection draws inspiration from one of the most mysterious books ever made – the Codex Seraphinianus. It is a guide to an unknown world, 400 pages of descriptions and explanations for an imaginary existence, all in its own uniquely unreadable alphabet, complete with hundreds of drawings. Cleo Black, the pseudonym used for the name of the artist, was quite intrigued with the book and what started as a curiosity ended up being an obsession wherein he hallucinated and imagined these beings in real life before succumbing to a severe mental illness. The weird imagery of these digital artworks will make you question “Do I know anything that’s happening in this art?” Weird creatures manufacturing humans, a different evolution taking place on another planet, a unicorn with wheels, and a man driving his car using his legs. As Cleo Black would put it in his last moments of sanity, “…whosoever shall possess this collection shall gain mastery over eternity.” If you think that’s bonkers, wait till you see the artworks. You can experience these artworks on the collection website.

An indulgence for the eyes of every viewer is guaranteed when you come across these digital fabric artworks. The colors are strong enough to make a distinction between the hundreds of working parts of the work. The placement of the elements is a visual treat and all of it put together represents a thought beyond the comprehension of a regular man. Satanic Calling is one of the artworks in which the artist builds on the theme of the human race destroying itself. This art features a complex machine with an attached coffin driven by a rather advanced version of a human on a road paved by catacombs. It represents the advancement of the human race to an extent where they become a threat to themselves and those around them.

It comprises other such artworks with excitingly distinguished imagery and much more. Also, it is the first-ever complete collection of the coveted Digital Fabric art form. What’s more shocking is that all the artworks in Mastery of Eternity are not just a form of abstraction. It was created in the light of bringing forth mysterious thoughts and inclining viewers towards a certain perspective. It takes a truly enlightened man to see the depths of these works but simultaneously, it can also enlighten the best of us.

The Beginning of an Era
Digital Art truly has unlimited potential and can generate great returns when paired with the right strategies. Rex Pereira, the CEO of Basilica Art House, says, “I view digital art as its own technology company. You can create multiple product lines, hundreds of consumer touchpoints and even see it through to an IPO with fractionalization. We have seen private equity deals worth billions and any true entrepreneur would realize this value in digital art. When you sit on a collection of multiple artworks, as uniquely characteristic as the Mastery of Eternity, the only reason you don’t make a billion dollars is that you don’t want to. You’re at the start of an era today.” Basilica Art House takes a stand that digital art will supersede all value metrics such as a gain of over 600% in 3 months, something that traditional art never could and people are starting to realize that. Rex says, “In the past few months, I have received various calls from the top 1% wanting to cash in on this revolution as an ESG-friendly wealth management avenue and my only advice to them is that do so but only when the art is backed by strong fundamentals.” Basilica Art House has developed a valuation methodology for digital art over the years that helps their clients and buyers see the fundamentals of it in addition to the hundred other factors that affect a sale.

Currently, Basilica Art House is holding private discussions for the sale of the Mastery of Eternity collection and its future scope however, it is not revealed which visionary is likely to emerge victorious in owning this amazing collection. It would be a true nail-biting finish between the rich to get their hands on this entire collection and much more, especially given the potential digital art and this collection possess, as traditional wealth management avenues are starting to fade.

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Basilica Art House is a privately-owned art technology company and art house. Their core art findings majorly consist of lesser-known forms of art, creations by rare breeds of artists, culture-specific, cinematic, modern, and medieval art forms. Basilica Art House was born out of a private sales background and a passion to source art creations that bring shivers down your soul and make you see with new eyes, by expanding your mind similar to the ever-expanding and captivating universe. Most of the time art speaks to us very quietly in pockets of silence, in coincidences, in nature, in forgotten memories, in the shape of clouds, in moments of solitude, in small tugs at our hearts and Basilica’s advice is this: Let art choose you and not the other way around.

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