Breath Of The Wild’s Box Art Comes To Life In 3D Animation

A breathtaking animation brings three-dimensional depth and movement to the iconic cover art of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan has transformed the game’s box art into a stunning 3D animation. The newest installment in Nintendo’s Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild was released to critical acclaim back in 2017. The game has been particularly praised for its open-world level design which allows players to approach and overcome the game’s obstacles using a myriad of different tactics, and in any order they wish.

Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise first began in 1986, and the fantasy series has only grown in popularity since that fateful first installment. The series’ fanbase often pays tribute to the land of Hyrule by creating fan art, much of which is breathtakingly skillful. For example, a stunningly realistic piece of art created by Twitter user @_athurpalmeira brings the series’ reoccurring antagonist Ganondorf to life in extreme detail. The 3D concept art perfectly captures the essence of Ganondorf, a fearsome warrior who has been aged by a lifetime of conquest. Another piece of Legend of Zelda fan art was created based on the results of a fan survey conducted by The website surveyed nearly 1,000 gamers to learn what franchise crossovers would be most appealing to them, and a majority of fans voted for Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy crossover. A concept artist was brought in to illustrate the most popular results, leading to a combination between franchise protagonists Link and Cloud.

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A mesmerizing animation created by Reddit user u/Dion42o brings The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s cover art to life. The animation, created using the programs After Effects and Photoshop, brings the cover art into the third dimension by adjusting the cover’s view as the game’s case is rotated. Some moving elements, such as a flying flock of birds and pulsing energy emanating from Hyrule Castle, help to complete the lifelike scene. Opening the case reveals another piece of art, featuring the game’s Golden Lynel enemy, which is similarly brought to life with the addition of rising energy from the creature’s eyes.

The truly open-world nature of Breath of the Wild allows players to innovate and experiment during gameplay. Even though the game launched in 2017, players just recently discovered that Link can ride barrels for a quick and efficient mode of transportation. If a large barrel is rolling downhill Link can jump on and, if the player maintains their balance, ride the barrel as it rolls. This small detail adds a level of immersion and creativity to the game that was never present in earlier installments in the franchise. A similar discovery was recently made by a Breath of the Wild player who dropped electrified weapons in order to create a trap for enemies. While this defensive installation is created using a glitch, it still demonstrates the improvisation that is possible within the Nintendo title.

The cover art animation created by u/Dion42o is simply breathtaking, adding depth and movement to an already iconic and beautiful piece of art. The additions made to the cover are subtle, but they bring the art to life in a really remarkable way. While truly three-dimensional cover art may be many years away, creators like u/Dion42o give fans the opportunity to appreciate two-dimensional art in a new way.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Dion42o/Reddit

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