We frequented the Queen’s Household at Greenwich nowadays and seen the artwork. I have determined one way of running a blog whilst strolling is to aim on artwork I see on my walks! So nowadays it truly is the Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth 1! The Armada Portrait of Elizabeth […]

This is by way of an rationalization of why my blogging is now additional infrequent. It follows on from my before posts (see close) about my serious osteoarthritis, ankle fusion surgery and the dying this summer season of my mother. Base line, I’m now a Lot older than I was […]

The death yesterday of Ken Howard OBE RA PPNEAC ROI RBSA RWA HonRBA has been announced.  He celebrated his 22nd wedding anniversary on Friday 9th September with his partner Dora Bertolutti in Mousehole in Cornwall. Sadly his life ended at Truro Hospital on Sunday 11th September 2022, age 89,  following […]

There have been a couple of posts on social media making use of this quip. On the other hand it can be value remembering that King Charles III is an artist who is a eager painter in watercolours and who displays his paintings on a frequent basis.  He is also […]