Vastrapplek translates from Afrikaans, Igshaan Adams’s native language, to mean “hold fast and stomp in place.” Adams’s exhibition here takes this word as its title, which alludes to a dovetailing of stasis and release, as this relates to a body fixed yet driving energy outward. The Riel dance, traditionally performed […]

Boha Glass’s Recent Asia Expedition As some of you might know, Boha is on tour in Asia at the moment, looking for up-and-coming artists, across a wide array of artistic fields.  From local pottery to stone-carved smiling Buddha statues, mosaic-rimmed mirrors to beautifully embroidered traditional clothing, and much more besides. […]

My mind is constantly trying to fit in time to weave. I am such a novice, and don’t really have a style, but I love playing around with color and shape. This time I tried a round doodle weaving using an embroidery hoop! I didn’t follow anybody’s instructions, I just […]