Almost a decade ago, Roberta and I were walking through Grand Central Terminal in New York when we heard exuberant, vaguely African dance music.  We followed the sound and came upon a group of dancers wearing elaborate horse costumes and executing precisely choreographed movements. Nick Cave, Heard-NY, Grand Central Terminal, […]

The new exhibition of the Cultural History Museum is titled ‘Faszination Stadt  – The Allure of Cities,’ and is dedicated to the network of medieval towns following Magdeburg law. The topic is broadly framed, starting with city development in antiquity – but then it focuses on the development and spread […]

“Galaxies Reverberation #10” [12th October 2022] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, drawing in H, HB, 4B, 8B pencils with charcoal, signed in black ink on A3 250g/m² mixed media paper, digitally edited artwork image 3651 x 2609 pixels. A quick blog article documenting recent artworks. Shown above is a Galaxies […]

NFT Playground Amsterdam opens to onboard Web3 enthusiasts NFT Playground Amsterdam is in the heart of Amsterdam, located at the corner of Vijzelgracht and Weteringcircuit, where a team of crypto revolutionists transformed 200 m2 of open space into an immersive workplace for crypto enthusiasts wanting to get involved in the […]