Ep 116 Taking Action with your Art

Nowadays, we’re chatting about getting motion with your art…And what we mean by that, is when you discover yourself a little bit stuck someplace, then how to do one thing about it.

Podcast Ep 116 Taking Action with your Art

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The concept for this episode arrived about when I was possessing my very own personal self confidence crisis, which we all have from time to time. It was at that time that I was experimenting with new strategies, but even now, I was typically down on my artwork.

But, then things started to transpire, that told me that really, I was doing alright… Of system, me, currently being me, I thought it was some kind of concept from the universe, but then Tara pointed out that maybe it’s simply because I took some motion a short while ago, and that produced those people factors come about.

I experienced entered the SWA exhibition, which I had hardly ever done just before, and my portray received chosen. I had put all of my artwork up on a secondary website, and soon afterwards a single of my paintings was featured in their Could favourites and not extensive soon after that, I also bought a commission.

I worked more durable on my social media and off the back of that, I received invited on yet another podcast as a guest… All of these matters, I had set down to some type of concept, the place of class, Tara, who is considerably a lot more stage-headed than I am, was right… It was not a information from the universe. It was basically due to the fact I had actively, even if unwittingly, made individuals items take place, and just as I had started off to experience flat, they all came to fruition.


First of all, you require to appear at what could possibly you have to have to choose action on.

Is there just about anything you are not pleased with at the instant?

Most likely you really feel like your art is not enhancing

If that is the circumstance you have to have to request by yourself why not?

The most probable remedy is that you are not putting plenty of time into actively drawing.

So the motion you will need to just take is to:

  • Put aside a established amount of time to attract each and every working day or 7 days and adhere to it.
  • Choose element in worries or create 1 for your self that will help you increase
  • Keep in mind to be realistic, if you have a full-time job and a spouse and children you most likely really don’t want to routine in 4 several hours a day, but it’s possible 50 % an hour a working day is doable. Small and typically works ideal.


Set apart some time for energetic understanding

Observe is really significant, but make sure you place aside some time for lively mastering way too. You will improve substantially more immediately if you combine observe, with reading tutorial books or observing videos on the factors you want to make improvements to on.

But you do need to have to do the two. So make absolutely sure you are also placing sufficient time into actively practising and not just observing other folks do it.

You could also take a program. That might be a actual physical training course that you actually go to, or it could possibly be an on the internet system.

I know, Tara, that you adore an online program, due to the fact you have completed hundreds of them. How practical have you discovered them?


Are you seeking to master a new medium?

Probably you are disappointed because you have been striving to learn a new medium, but you can’t appear to get to grips with it.

This could be simply because you aren’t placing consistent time into it

Your Motion:

  • Maybe you may possibly want to be part of a challenge associated to that medium. That could give you the accountability you will need.
  • I try to remember striving to understand how to make loose watercolour faces with out drawing to start with. Along with shopping for a encouraged ebook I made the decision I would paint a face a day right up until I felt I experienced the knack of it. Up to day 10 was a catastrophe, I was acquiring disappointed, then as if by magic the upcoming confront worked substantially greater, it was like magic. Of program, it was not perfect, but I could see development. You will not automatically see improvement just about every day, you tend to make a leap and then stay the very same for a little bit.


Maybe you are missing some knowledge that could help propel you forward.


So aside from what I talked about before, which was to browse tutorial textbooks and view films, why not interact with other artists who do the kind of artwork that you’re into. Inquire their advice!

Of program, there are generally going to be some artists who are going to be hesitant to share their information, it’s unlucky. But thankfully, the greater part are far more than pleased to share some recommendations.


It’s possible you are utilizing the improper equipment.

This is a vintage with watercolour. If you check out and learn watercolours making use of affordable paper, it can be a disaster. Even an accomplished watercolourist would struggle with low cost paper.

And that is essentially the similar with a great deal of mediums. I remember men and women in our group obtaining difficulty creating watercolour brush pens perform. And that was for the reason that they were being usig a standard cartridge paper that was just soaking in the colour

So the Motion, in this scenario, would be to

Read up on the medium and seek out online video tutorials. You could also achieve out to another person on social media and ask for advice


You come to feel like you are not becoming observed or seen

Probably you are self-confident in the art you are developing, and nevertheless you truly feel like you are not staying observed or discovered.

Probably you are not putting plenty of effort and hard work in to Social Media


So, the 1st feel to do is to make a plan to article at minimum the moment a working day.

And it seriously does not have to be a fancy write-up, there are all sorts of amazing approaches to share your art on social media and in point, not too long ago we did an total episode on 31 means to share your artwork, so unquestionably check out that a single out if you want some tips.

But it can help if you allocate specified instances exclusively for publishing. Really it’s just to remind individuals you are there and it encourages men and women to engage with you as effectively. And don’t fail to remember to expend a small time commenting on other people’s posts far too.


Have a pay attention to our earlier Episode on sharing your artwork too.

Some motion you could just take on your social media

You may possibly want to Expend a working day or 50 % a working day a 7 days producing your reel and scheduling your posts. That way you know it is completed and really do not have to suddenly occur up with a thing to submit.

If you have a site, perhaps you are not driving traffic to it typically adequate


Regularly post links to your goods. Explain what you like about the piece, what it means to you.


If you do not share your art, nobody will see it

If you never want your individual web page, then perhaps it is time to be part of Etsy, Artfinder or some thing identical. Or, perhaps even a blog. If you don’t share your artwork, no one will see it.

A website is a actually good way to share your artwork and it is considerably a lot easier if you truly do not want to develop a internet site. And the superior factor is, they are normally no cost as very well, so there are no expenses involved.


Do you really feel like nothing at all has took place for ages to help transfer you ahead in your art job?

Probably you are not throwing enough sticks in the air or using more than enough hazards.


  • Enter a level of competition (be very careful which as it should not expense a lot, if any funds).
  • Test asking other folks who you assume the focus on sector is for your art. I did this in a group as soon as and anyone proposed a niche I had under no circumstances even read of. It was linked to the tattoo marketplace, when I searched it, I could see how my art may suit.


Do not be worried to talk to large questions.

Would you be fascinated in showing my work in your gallery?

Would I be able to keep an exhibition in your space? (this doesn’t have to be in ta gallery… It could be in your regional pub!

What is the worst that could happen? They can say no? Very well that’s wonderful. Test somewhere else!


Do you really feel like you are not marketing everything?

It’s possible you are not pushing your work out there enough.


  • Remind persons of approaching dates, like Father’s Day, the Wedding ceremony Season, Mothers working day, Valentines working day, Christmas… Are they searching for a one of a kind present? You can hyperlink them to your products or offer commissions.

Do you really feel like you’re not obtaining much engagement on Social Media?

It may well be that you just haven’t discovered the suitable audience.


  • It’s possible Linkedin or Twitter or a diverse system may possibly be really worth experimenting with if you at this time use Instagram or visa versa. You can constantly use a social media app to force content material out to loads of various locations at after.
  • It’s possible there are a particular established of folks you require to achieve, You require to operate out in which they are.


It’s possible you are placing time into one thing that is just not correct for you.


Determine if you are flogging a lifeless horse. Sometimes you have to know when it’s time to slash your losses and consider a thing else. If you’re doubtful, set a time limit and push until eventually you have reached it. If absolutely nothing has adjusted, then it’s time to make a conclusion.

I had to do this a short while ago. I’d put a great deal of time in to NFTs, but right after a even though I realised that, for it to get the job done, I would will need to spend even a lot more time on it, which I don’t have, so the time I do have is improved invested building do the job to market on other platforms that do do the job for me.

Your best off throwing a few sticks in the air and then concentrating on the kinds that appear like there heading to do some thing.

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