My trip to The Netherlands

I am house with plenty of recollections and images of my brief trip to The Netherlands. It was awesome! I felt fully peaceful and comfy there, and always felt like I could locate my way close to when I was on my very own.

I went to check out my friend Bonnie who lives around Haarlem, which is in a great central area, not considerably from Amsterdam and Utrecht.

She’s originally from Texas so it was neat owning yet another American who was interested in doing things in a distinct way. 

Of system I was also fascinated with persons biking and the remarkable infrastructure that is crafted to assistance the use of bicycles. 

Virtually everybody, it would seem, has a bicycle. 

I saw so quite a few sorts of bicycles, such as some extremely exciting ones for offering mail and food, and kinds to maintain compact small children. I noticed a lot of parents and grandparents riding about with a lot more than just one kid. They were all cycling specialists!

You surely have to have to appear at the floor to see which route goes exactly where. Fortunately issues have been often coloration coded, which would make a great deal of feeling. Cyclists often have the suitable of way!

I located myself looking at the floor fairly frequently. There was just so a lot to see! Look at this stonework. So numerous different varieties in this sort of a modest place.

This crossing in Haarlem is cool!

The flowers have been beautiful and extremely affordable. There ended up a lot of small retailers that experienced remarkable flower arrangements, like these types of hydrangeas and roses. What attractive colors.

I did not comprehend that so lots of people discuss English in The Netherlands. Most store assistants could discuss a minimal English if I experienced a problem or two. I didn’t have any issues, although as soon as I ordered a slice of pizza at a very little shop, and the teen who served me acquired a minimal flustered with possessing to converse English. He was resourceful, though. He rapidly pulled out his cellular cellphone and applied Google Translate to make clear my order particulars.

Some collaging, too!

One of the best items about my excursion was receiving to satisfy up with a bunch of amazing folks from the Collective. We fulfilled at a pretty home, hosted by my mate Petra.

There have been around 10 of us collected at a massive table, where we talked and laughed, and shared our assignments and papers. These are some of Petra’s work. Incredible!

Right after lunch we pulled out our latest projects and received occupied, making and finding out from every single other. 

It was this kind of a terrific ambiance and even even though most of us experienced only met, we were fairly comfortable with every single other, it appeared to me.

Far more many pics

I stayed in Velserbroek, not far from Haarlem. Every little thing is pretty inexperienced. Not shocking with the total of rain that they get. It was raining almost the complete time I was there–and I loved it! What a transform from dry California.

Town center in Haarlem. There have been so many interesting retailers to stop in and have a look. I acquired a ton of free tea from a shop termed The Artwork of Tea. It’s so wonderful to have tea in the early morning at household and be reminded of in which I was.

If I could have suit a post box like this into my suitcase, I significantly would have regarded it. What a attractiveness! (Petra, this 1 is your neighbor’s!) 

1 of my collages.

Me, in Haarlem.


Angelia S. Rico

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