Paulina Porizkova Claps Back at Rude Commenter With Nude Photo

  • Paulina Porizkova responded to a rude comment saying she should “start living a life for others” with a nude photo.

  • “After a lifetime spent taking care of others, I finally get to do ME,” the 56-year-old supermodel wrote. “An older woman is allowed wisdom, humor, patience—but not sensuality.”

  • “I’m finally fully inhabiting this body of mine,” Porizkova continued.

Paulina Porizkova is done with comments about how women of her age should behave. The 56-year-old supermodel—a longtime critic of anti-aging culture—took an unusual approach to call out one commenter’s disrespectful attitude last week.

It all started on November 17, when Porizkova posted a screenshot of a rude comment about her approach to life. “You focused way too much on yourself and your looks,” the commenter wrote. “At your age, you should be bathing in the love of your kids and your grandkids instead of traveling all over the world, parading around half-naked, and acting like a 16-year-old. Move near your kids and grandkids, settle down, get a nice house, making it welcoming for your kids and grandkids, and starting living a life for others.”

You probably know where this is going. “This. This comment is the reason why I do what I do,” Porizkova captioned the post, telling her fans to check in the next day. “I’m gonna have some fun.”

And have some fun she did: The following day, the supermodel posted a nude photo on Instagram, clapping back at the commenter’s opinions in the caption. “Yesterday’s comment,” the mother of two wrote, “is only important insofar as to highlight the still-common belief THAT WOMEN ARE ESSENTIALLY CHATTEL. That once we have stopped breeding, we should be retired to provide nourishment for others.”

“I’m 56 and living my best life. After a lifetime spent taking care of others, I finally get to do ME,” Porizkova continued. “Sure, I can also knit and bake and bask in the warm glow of my family on the rare occasion they need me, but I can also bask in the glow of a tropical sun, a lover’s arms, and here the fabulous light of [photographers] @luigiandIango.”

But she wasn’t done there: Porizkova made sure her point—that women are allowed to keep living past some unspoken expiration date—was understood. “An older woman is allowed wisdom, humor, patience—but not sensuality. Not sexiness,” she explained. “This is a major societal taboo which is precisely why I post what I post. I may be 56, but I’m as fully a woman as I was thirty years ago; in fact, I’d argue, more so. I’m finally fully inhabiting this body of mine, I fully appreciate it, and I am fully celebrating it.”

“I may be posting for you. But I pose for myself,” Porizkova ended the caption.

On this post, commenters were much more supportive. “You. Go. Girl,” wrote Lisa Rinna. “Queen you dropped this 👑 – miss you ❤️,” said Colton Underwood. “ICONIC! All of this!” shared Sophia Bush.

“I think it’s better to embrace the human body rather than embracing fear of the human body. It is Art … think of the Louvre or Rodin’s garden,” Andie MacDowell commented. “One positive outcome of people going to the trouble to pass judgment is it opens conversation and the possibility to think❤️.”

Like MacDowell said, it might be for the best that Porizkova noticed that comment—at least she was able to call it out and shift the conversation in the right direction. And who doesn’t love a chance to hear the supermodel speak up for women everywhere?

At 56, it really feels like Porizkova is just getting started—and we are here for it!

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