Sometimes Popularity Comes from Side Hustles or Simple Hobbies

Pramod Rajput, born in a small village in Bihar, India, and a US citizen, is a software architect, a renowned Hindi/Urdu poet, and a novelist. He got instant popularity when his poetry was quoted in the Indian Parliament by non-other than but honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 7th Feb 2019.

Someone who never thought of himself as a poet or a novelist. But around 2017, he decided to bring his poetry to the public and could afford to do this because he was pretty content and well-settled with his previous career as a software professional. He says, “If he was not settled in my career, he might not have even thought to bring his poetries to the public.”

His software career has helped him to bring the light to shed on his poetries and build a career. Pramod created a youtube channel with the name “Kuchh Meri Kalam Se” and created a website and started posting his poetries on his channel and the website. Once he started doing it, people started paying attention to the poetries. 

During that time, Pramod got a few invitations from poets to share his poetries on stage before live audiences. Seeing the people’s acceptance and feedback from prominent poets, he realized that his poetries was sound. Within a couple of years, in 2019, he got instant famous when a few lines from one of his poems were quoted by the prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, in the Indian Parliament. 

After that incident, Pramod started getting many invitations to recite his poetries on stage. That gave him immense confidence as a poet. With this confidence, in 2020, he thought to try to write a novel. And he wrote a novel, and the response to the novel was also good. Despite all the fame he has gotten through his writing skills, he is still very proud and content with his former career and is still counting on that more than anything. 

What we tried to focus on is that Pramod’s poetry and writing skills are still just his passion rather than his primary career. He is happy with his career as a software professional. He still works as a software architect with Toyota. His love for poetries is to recharge himself. He has his family that runs with his career, but his passion has earned him fame.

Like this, many others do struggle when people start recognizing someone for their side hustles or hobbies more than their main career line or achievements. In such situations, people like Pramod are the ones who are in a position to decide to let people not choose their hobbies over their preliminary work and still get appreciation and praise for the set of skills they possess.

Pramod Rajput’s creations are mainly around different emotions of human beings. His expertise is in romance, but he can portray other emotions like pain, happiness, frustration, motivation, etc., with equal ease. That is why his writings touch the reader’s heart, and everyone can relate to them. He is working hard to popularize Indian National Language HINDI in the USA, where hardly anyone speaks this language.

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