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Edmonds Kind of Play: High school sports, Black Lives Matter activities, family art workshop

Last week was the end of the first semester for the Edmonds School District. Semesters weren’t even really on my radar until I had a middle schooler and didn’t have the full “I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record” feeling until I had a high schooler — last weekend on my Mom Walk, it was a big topic of conversation for us and we passed a group of moms talking about the same thing, same tone… It was also announced last week that athletic directors from all Wesco League high schools met and voted

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Valentine’s Day activities for kids during the pandemic

Valentine’s Day may mean romantic dinners and roses for American adults, but for kids, it’s all about the classroom parties where they play heart-themed games, eat lots of sugar and exchange valentines with their classmates.

The problem? Those parties typically don’t feature much social distancing. And we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

“Valentine’s Day definitely has to be different due to COVID,” said Nicole Daniels of Pewaukee K3-8 school Christian Education Leadership Academy. “But we felt it was very important for students and families to still be able to celebrate such a positive holiday focused on love, kindness and

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18 Easy Art Activities for Kids to Do at Home

Art has many benefits for children: it encourages self-expression, improves motor skills, develops patience and problem-solving abilities, and increases concentration. It also gives kids a boost of self-esteem when they complete something independently. And maybe most important to kids? It’s fun!

Keep kids busy and encourage their creativity with these art activities that are easy for little hands to handle. And when it comes to supplies, you probably already have most of them at home.

1. Big Reveal

For this easy art activity for kids, you’ll need watercolor paper, watercolor paints, painter’s tape, a paintbrush, crayons, and stickers.

After taping

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