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Alexander Nemerov’s biography of artist Helen Frankenthaler finds transcendent value in her work

The Frankenthaler portrayed in art historian Alexander Nemerov’s biography “Fierce Poise” (publishing Monday by Penguin Press) comes from a world that we now find in many ways incomprehensible. It is an age held in disrepute, in which male artists behaved abominably to women and to each other; in which alcohol and drugs weren’t just the lubricant of social discourse but a substrate in which civilized norms were regularly dissolved. Greenberg is now seen not as a greatly talented and greatly flawed intellectual but simply as an ogre, the embodiment of criticism as gatekeeping, the mansplainer in chief of abstract expressionism,

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Simon Doonan Pens Keith Haring Biography

Keith Haring was an idealistic, miraculous and astonishing innovator, according to Simon Doonan, writer, fashion industry darling and author of “Keith Haring (Lives of the Artist).”

Releasing on Feb. 23, “Keith Haring” is a brief look at the life and times and career of the young artist, who helped shift culture in New York City in the 1980s. Doonan highlights the artist’s upbringing and move to New York City, humble beginnings hosting shows at Club 57 and pivotal moments such as painting a mural on the Berlin Wall, which is the back cover of the book.

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