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Palm Beach County Cultural Council Celebrates The Arts With Month-Long Campaign

The arts and cultural sector in Palm Beach County took a more than $48 million economic hit and lost nearly 600 jobs last summer, according to the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County.

But venue expansions, along with pent-up demand for entertainment as the pandemic continues, is a bright sign for the sector, says Jennifer Sullivan, vice president of marketing for the council.

“We’re really seeing that tourism is rebounding in Palm Beach County,” said Sullivan. “We’re seeing strong hotel occupancy rates and more admissions at venues around the county. I think we’re gonna really see an increase this summer

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ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Museum celebrates the art that math made | Features

In the 1960s, the mathematically inspired images of Dutch artist M.C. Escher became a feature of popular culture. I remember album covers, T-shirts, posters and jigsaw puzzles emblazoned with the artist’s visual puzzles, which appealed to science nerds and psychedelic aficionados alike.

Most familiar to the general public is probably his 1938 woodcut “Sky and Water,” a jigsaw puzzle of light and dark elements. The horizontal rows of white fish and dark birds alternately come into prominence depending upon whether the eye rests on the white spaces or the dark. Equally omnipresent in the public eye have been “Drawing Hands,”

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Crocker Art Museum celebrates Saar family’s powerful work challenging race and gender stereotypes

The “Legends From Los Angeles” exhibition is in what is essentially a hallway at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Photo: Letha Ch’ien

Museums all over the country may have been scrambling to demonstrate their diversity bona fides, but “Legends From Los Angeles” at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento is not an exhibition of tokenism.

Featuring 23 works by legendary Black artist Betye Saar and her two daughters, Lezley and Alison, the exhibit is steeped in African American culture with witty nods to European art history. Despite its location in what is essentially a hallway, “Legends” is the kind

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Google celebrates Metropolitan Museum of Art with animated Doodle

Google celebrates the Met’s 151st anniversary with a carousel of selected works from the museum’s vast collection.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art — popularly known as simply the Met — is the largest art museum in the US, with more than 2 million artifacts that date back 5,000 years.  On Tuesday, it’s marking its 151st anniversary and Google is joining in the party with an animated Doodle featuring 18 pieces of art from the museum’s vast collection.

The museum’s origins stretch back to 1866 and across the Atlantic Ocean, when a group of Americans in Paris decided to create

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