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Children in Louisville area get chance to experience different art, culture

Many in the greater Louisville area have the opportunity of becoming a tourist, in your hometown. The cultural pass program is back to give local kids a chance to see different art and culture sites around Louisville.After COVID-19 closed the door on the opportunity last year, the pass is back for its seventh year with 51 participating organizations.”We welcome our children and families to free admission during the summer months, to our arts, culture, heritage, history venues, and more,” said Christen Boone, president & CEO of Fund for the Arts.As the city continues its push to welcome diversity, Mayor Greg … Read More

a rare chance to gasp at Iran’s many splendours

Samira Ahmed by the Bridge of Shadirwan in Shushtar - BBC
Samira Ahmed by the Bridge of Shadirwan in Shushtar – BBC

Samira Ahmed was granted a rare opportunity to journey into the heart of Iran for BBC Four’s Art of Persia, and she didn’t waste it. At many points in this first of three instalments I found myself gasping at the sheer magnificence of the sites she was showing us, and the beauty of the objects found there. The vast, desert ziggurat at Chogha Zanbil, relic of a lost world; the ruins of Persepolis and the grand tomb of its ruler, Darius the Great. These are sights that few

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