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Community members push for Black Arts and Culture District in Encanto

ENCANTO, Calif. (KGTV) — If you drive along Imperial Ave. in Encanto, you’ll see artwork throughout the area in murals on the side of buildings and storefronts.

It’s known in the community as the Black Arts and Culture District.

Now, there’s a push for it to be formally designated by the city of San Diego.

“There’s areas where I’ll do spray painting and brush painting. There’s this play of going back and forth,” Maxx Moses said.

For Moses, art is a way of life.

His style stems from graffiti. Moses said he was drawn to it as a kid in

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How community and service to it is a cornerstone of Black culture

From the Black fraternities and sororities helping neighbors in need, to Kwanzaa, to the day of service that is MLK Day, interconnectedness abounds in Black culture.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Around Charlotte, an army of community servants are at work. If there is a need, Charlotte’s historically Black sororities and fraternities are there on a regular basis, trying to solve it.

Leland Howard, president of Charlotte’s coalition of these Greek-letter organizations, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, said it would be hard to quantify how many hours of community service local groups put out each year since they host events so regularly and

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Bridging past and present, Band of Vices is a beacon in the Los Angeles art community

Based in the West Adams district, the collectively run art space operates with the ethos ‘come one, come all.’

Band of Vices is a Black-owned art gallery which has quickly become an anchor in the West Adams district, serving as a bridge to honor art and culture both past and present in Los Angeles.

(l-r) Melvin Marshall, Melva Benoit, Darryl Wash, and Terrell Tilford <br>Photo: Band of Vices

(l-r) Melvin Marshall, Melva Benoit, Darryl Wash, and Terrell Tilford
Photo: Band of Vices

“We consciously put both of our exhibition spaces in West Adams, which has historically been a community of color, both Black and Brown,” says Darryl E. Wash, Chief Executive Officer at

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A Q&A with new Sarasota-area arts leaders about culture, community and the future

Patrons explore an exhibition at Art Center Sarasota.

Patrons explore an exhibition at Art Center Sarasota.

Part of what makes the Sarasota area so vibrant are the many exciting arts and culture opportunities it offers, and the organizations that present them try to maintain that excitement through bold creativity and by looking toward the future. We spoke to a number of arts leaders who are still relatively new in their jobs about what’s in store for the coming months.

Participating are Benny Sato Ambush, artistic director for Venice Theatre; Jeffery Kin, who served 15 years as artistic director of Players Centre for Performing Arts and

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