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Survey: Ohio arts industry lost $1 billion, could take 2 years to recover from COVID-19 pandemic

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Ohio’s arts and creative industry could be far from recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 health crisis. A recent survey from advocacy group Ohio Citizens for the Arts (OCA) is painting a clearer picture of the pandemic’s toll on the sector.

“It’s really gutted this industry, an industry that really is at the backbone of prosperity and quality of life and building strong communities,” said OCA executive director Angela Meleca.

40 OCA members who responded to the group’s survey reported they’ve lost a collective $136

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British museums have suffered particularly badly during covid-19

THE NUMBER of visitors to museums around the world collapsed last year. According to an annual survey published by The Art Newspaper last month, the biggest museums in America, Brazil, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia and Spain—as well as Britain—welcomed fewer than 20% of their usual numbers.

Many governments were quick to offer support. Germany, France and Britain all announced emergency funds of at least £1bn to help their culture sectors survive the catastrophic loss of income. Even in America, where public funding for cultural institutions is scarcer, the federal government earmarked $200m for museums

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Women stir cultural melting pot with art on COVID-19 Pages exhibit

“I’ve always wanted to use the past and make present statements,” says artist and architect LaVerne Wells-Bowie. 

Locked up in her home during quarantine, Wells-Bowie was in the midst of an artistic block. Typically she would be traveling internationally and collecting vernacular art pieces to adorn her studio space. She is moved by textures and three-dimensional work, and typically uses found materials. 

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During the lockdown, she decided to rummage through old boxes of

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Critic’s Notebook: Despite COVID-19 Backdrop, a Boringly Normal Super Bowl

Even with a reduced in-person crowd — and a spectacular pre-game Amanda Gorman — the event felt mostly like business as usual, with an above-average halftime spectacle and disappointing ads that fans have come to expect.

What was supposed to be a Super Bowl unlike any other ended up the exact same way as seven of the past 19 Super Bowls — namely with Tom Brady holding the trophy and everybody else complaining about Tom Brady.

And don’t get me wrong; I understand why people hate Tom Brady. Heck, I understand somewhere between 10 and 20 reasons why people hate

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