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What Gov. Ducey’s latest order means for Arizona arts, culture centers

Gov. Doug Ducey lifted COVID-19 restrictions on Arizona businesses and events on Thursday, but that doesn’t seem to change much for some local theaters, arts and culture centers.

Phoenix Art Museum will continue to require masks, social distancing and limit groups of guests visiting the museum to 10 people or fewer.

“We are still holding true to our current guidelines, our senior staff is monitoring every day,” said Samantha Andreacchi, assistant director of communications at the Phoenix Art Museum.

“If we do end up making changes in the next couple weeks we will announce everything on our website and

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Lorraine O’Grady outpaced the culture for years. In Brooklyn, it finally catches up

(For what it’s worth, the Biden campaign agreed. In the fall, it approached O’Grady for permission to build its one-and-only post-election triumphal TV ad around her well-known “Art Is …” performances, with the results moving the artist to tears.)

“Both/And” brims with defiance and grace, outrage and joy, its complex dualities a rejection of the off-hand polemics of Black/white, red/blue, male/female, and whatever else might come to mind. (If you’re keeping score, “Both/And” is the semantic opposite of “either/or.”) It arrives with brisk, bracing currency for these divided times, daring to propose a world where difference is strength.

Born in

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The British art campaign trying to halt the ‘snuffing out of culture’

She also emphasises the modern museum’s importance as a “hub”, a “civic centre”, a place to help “mental health”. Certainly museums today are very attuned to the latter: “The Manchester Art Gallery has a mindfulness gallery in it, with a big sofa!” Does Douglas think that’s the way of the future? “I think that museums will support that going forward,” she replies. “But we will bring ourselves to the museum in all of our complexity.”

Of course Hamnett, a maverick in fashion circles for forty years, can afford to be looser-tongued. “Yeah, ‘pride in civic centre’, blah blah,” she says

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ArtsBridge continues connecting families with art and culture

As parents continue to search for kid-friendly educational entertainment options, AT&T Performing Arts Center’s ArtsBridge – Powered by Toyota has helped fill the need by reimagining its classes, workshops and more. And it’s gearing up for another season.

Last fall, ArtsBridge connected West Dallas children with Broadway actors via Broadway for Kids. The Saturday virtual classes included high-energy dance and fun singalongs hosted in conjunction with Voice of Hope Ministries. “Our kids are ready to learn and dance again,” says one parent whose child attended the classes. “We truly appreciate this kind of activity where the kids are

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