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Erie Arts and Culture wins $250 part of JET 24/FOX 66/YourErie and Superstore Joe’s Loving Giving Local

A city’s art and music scene helps define the cultural health of an area. The Erie Arts and Culture group is dedicated to protecting and promoting that cultural health.

That work will be helped by $250 after the group’s name was drawn for this week’s Loving Giving Local award.

Erie already has a vibrant art scene, but each day, members of the Erie Arts and Culture Group work to improve that scene, doing fundraising to support projects that help create new works for the Erie community.

Those efforts will benefit from the group being randomly drawn for this week’s Loving

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Erie Arts and Culture and EDDC team up for Downtown and Bayfront Sculpture Walk


Erie Arts and Culture is teaming up with the Erie Downtown Development Center displaying art sculptures throughout the downtown area.

The Downtown and Bayfront Sculpture Walk is showcasing 15 sculptures created by artists from all over the country.

On the walk, you can use an interactive map to learn more about each sculpture.

The Executive Director of Erie Arts and Culture says he hopes this will encourage residents and visitors

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Erie Arts & Culture announces new guidelines for Emergency Assistance Fund

Erie Arts & Culture announced Friday new guidelines for the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund.

With the Emergency Financial Assistance Fund, creative and cultural professionals, including artists of all disciplines, who have experienced a disruption to their income stream can request up to $500 in assistance.

These funds are critical to ensuring that creative and cultural workers in Erie receive the support that they need – particularly when many have already been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the newly expanded guidelines, these individuals will have greater opportunity to receive

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Inaugural Downtown Erie Sculpture Walk takes shape

  • Announced earlier this year, the Downtown Erie Sculpture Walk will feature 13 works to be on display through 2023
  • Installation of the works will take place through early July
  • Two of the artists are from Erie County: Fredy Huaman Mallqui and D.W. Martin

Fredy Huaman Mallqui’s art is about connections.

Sources of inspiration for the Erie sculptor, a native of Peru, include yarn and thread as he explores how people and communities become linked.

Huaman Mallqui’s latest work is “Together,” a 1,000-pound sculpture of three wooden spheres, two made of white pine and the third of catalpa.

When the installation

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