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Beach museum exhibit pairs animals, cultures, art styles

Jul. 17—The animals came marching two by two to the Beach Museum of Art.

“Two by Two: Animal Pairs” features sets of animals portrayed in different styles and media. Inspired by the American Library Association’s summer reading program theme “Tales and Tails” at Manhattan Public Library, the pairs on display can teach kids to compare and contrast both the art itself, but also how different cultures view the animals.

“It’s kind of a Noah’s Ark,” said Kathrine Schlageck, associate curator of education and curator of the exhibit.

The museum is now open by appointment with plans to fully reopen on

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Exhibit explores banned Jingle Dress dance, crimes against Native American women

Century-old art forms and a story of healing are at the center of Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s latest exhibit, and a meaningful addition to the park’s summer program highlighting Native American culture.

“The Jingle Dress,” an exhibit of elaborate ceremonial garments made by the women who dance while wearing them, is on display at the park’s museum through Sept. 6.

The exhibit tells the story behind the dress, the dance, and their powerful spiritual connection to healing. It’s also intended to bring awareness of violent crime targeting Native American women.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park presents "The Jingle Dress," an exhibit of Native American women's ceremonial clothing. The red jingle dress and dance have been adopted by those at the forefront of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement.

Both are fresh in the mind of April Carmelo of

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World War I art and culture exhibit opens in Irving

A new art exhibit in Irving explores a transformational period in U.S. history, World War I, and how the struggles of those days shape the country even today.

The exhibit, “WW1 America,” examines the years between 1914 and 1919, the war and the battles that raged in the U.S., including a racial firestorm, the women’s suffrage movement and sharp disagreements about immigration.

“Although it was fought thousands of miles away, the war transformed the United States from a relatively provincial power on the world stage to a full-fledged global, military-industrial leader,” a description of the exhibit reads. “The American

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New pop-up art exhibit in Glendale honors Armenian culture

April is Armenian History Month and you can learn about the country’s rich culture through three new pop-up art exhibits in Glendale. 

MY RELIC is a contemporary view on the Armenian culture through the lens of female artists.

According to organizers, each exhibit explores the ‘ability to heal, move forward, and grow through a variety of themes broadly construed as relics.’ They say relics are considered through the concept

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