The new exhibition of the Cultural History Museum is titled ‘Faszination Stadt  – The Allure of Cities,’ and is dedicated to the network of medieval towns following Magdeburg law. The topic is broadly framed, starting with city development in antiquity – but then it focuses on the development and spread […]

This is about the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition which can be seen both online and at the Mall Galleries this week – until 20th November. The exhibition includes more than 500 small artworks by 359 artists To be honest I thought the exhibition was next week and I’d not seen […]

Luke O’Halloran, “Eeeeeeeeeee” (2022) (all images courtesy Mrs. unless otherwise noted) Cats have descended upon Maspeth, Queens, where Mrs. gallery is featuring the work of 39 artists focused on a single theme: furry felines. Cats have been an art historical focus for thousands of years, and the gallery’s latest exhibition, […]