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A Fresh Face in the Gallery: New Director of Art Exhibition and Outreach Welcomed to USM

Kat Zagaria Buckley, new Director of Art Exhibition and Outreach outside of the Art Gallery on the Gorham Campus. Cassandra Regner / Staff Photographer

By: Lydia Simmons, Arts & Culture Editor

For Kat Zagaria Buckley growing up she always had an idea of what she wanted to do in life. Her strong passion for art provided her with direction when it came to her schooling and then later on in the developing of her career. 

Her passion for art was fostered by her mother, a graphic designer. Growing up just outside of New York City in New Jersey, Buckley’s mother

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North Texas arts groups face new pandemic challenges

Editor’s note: Reconnecting after a traumatic year of separation and loss is a work-in-progress. KERA and The Dallas Morning News are collaborating to document how North Texas’ arts and culture scene is emerging from the pandemic. The News’ Tim Diovanni and KERA’s Jerome Weeks report on how performing arts groups and museums are grappling with state laws, CDC guidelines and a rise in coronavirus cases.

Canceling shows. Extending mask requirements. Testing staff and performers for COVID-19.

As coronavirus infections spike across the region due to the highly contagious delta variant, North Texas arts groups are again finding themselves on uncertain

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Whales face new and emerging threats

Humans and whales have a complex relationship.

We’ve hunted whales for food for centuries, celebrated them in our art and culture, admired their familial relationships and songs, and even worshipped them as gods.

But at the same time, we’ve overhunted multiple whale species to the brink of extinction, overfished their prey, poisoned their bodies and habitats, and scarred or killed them with our oceanic vessels.

While we’ve made great strides on many of those fronts, there’s still a lot to do and many reasons to worry. Here are some of them, followed by an archive of related stories from 

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