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Marshall women use art to share culture with community | Features

When Dinora Harris and Audrey Lozano first met at the Michelson Museum of Art in 2017, they knew immediately that they were going to be good friends.

The two women have a lot in common: from both being Hispanic immigrants, women from the big city who moved to a small town, volunteering for the same organizations, and even majoring in the same thing in college (com¡munication sciences). However, both Lozano and Harris agreed that while they similarities are what brought them together, it is through their differences that they have found a deeper friendship and shared passion with one

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Family Fun: Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture features exhibits for engagement, exploration

Step inside the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture on a hot day, and the first thing you might notice is how cool it is.

To protect its collections and any traveling exhibits, the temperature in the museum never goes above 72 degrees or below 68, said exhibitions manager Brooke Shelman Wagner. It almost feels chilly on a hot summer day.

And, once visitors go downstairs, they’ll find exhibits that can keep families engaged and exploring.

“What We Make: Nature as Inspiration” is a maker space inside a gallery where people can see pieces from the MAC’s collection and make

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ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Museum celebrates the art that math made | Features

In the 1960s, the mathematically inspired images of Dutch artist M.C. Escher became a feature of popular culture. I remember album covers, T-shirts, posters and jigsaw puzzles emblazoned with the artist’s visual puzzles, which appealed to science nerds and psychedelic aficionados alike.

Most familiar to the general public is probably his 1938 woodcut “Sky and Water,” a jigsaw puzzle of light and dark elements. The horizontal rows of white fish and dark birds alternately come into prominence depending upon whether the eye rests on the white spaces or the dark. Equally omnipresent in the public eye have been “Drawing Hands,”

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The talking points for the global film industry in 2021 | Features

Global storylines 2021 update

Will the festival and market circuit survive intact?

The consensus seems to be largely yes for 2021 – albeit in altered shape – but expect a new landscape from 2022. The industry has realised just how productive a person can be with a laptop, a kitchen table and a Zoom account and there are international events that are never going to retain their 2019 size. We have all found out the hard way we simply don’t need to travel as much and every single festival and market Screen talked to in 2020  has said it expects to retain certain online

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