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Art is a bridge ‘between facts and feelings’ for MIT’s Ekene Ijeoma

By “poetic,” Ijeoma, 36, means art with juice and urgency. He wants his information-based work about, say, the refugee crisis or mass incarceration to have the same visceral impact as photographs of refugees or prisoners.

“[It’s] bridging the gap between facts and feelings,” he said over Zoom from his home in Brooklyn. “It gets to ‘what are the things being felt when experiencing this?’”

“Ekene is investigating our culture, and Black culture specifically, thinking about it through technology, and how to use technology as a Black man and a Black artist,” said Rachel Adams, chief curator & director of programs

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6 ways to help kids express their feelings about the coronavirus pandemic through art

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected children’s worlds in many ways. Due to closures and restrictions, they have experienced the loss of social engagement and the support of friends, school communities or extended family. Children have likely had conversations about the virus and what they can do to stay safer, and they may be exposed to news stories about COVID-19.

Children are impacted by the pervasive mood of their family around them. Change is inevitable throughout life, and children experience change differently depending on a number of developmental, biological and relational variables.

Childhood is often fraught with varying levels of

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