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Drill Inc. Announces the Launch of the “Super Wall Art Tokyo”Created by Artists Tadanori Yokoo and Mimi Yokoo. Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL, Special13 Secret project

Super Wall Art Tokyo(IMAGE)

During the Olympic and Paralympic Games, in Tokyo,The world’s largest mural art installation will appear.

The walls of the landmark Marunouchi Building and New Marunouchi Building, in Tokyo are likened to a pair of canvases. So, the “Super Wall Art Tokyo” exhibition will use these to display two pieces of art with a height of approximately 150m and a width of approximately 35m. The wall art exhibition, which will have a total area of more than 7,000 m2, is unprecedented in Japan and around the world. It is

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Large mural art and culture festival coming to downtown Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Midwest’s largest mural art and culture festival is coming to downtown Springfield with over $10,000 raised to make the event happen.

Meg Wagler, founder of Mid x Midwest, came up with the idea after switching careers from graphic design to visual arts.

“It was challenging to get paid a respectable amount. I think that it was maybe not the norm in this region,” says Wagler.

In 2019, Wagler started putting the festival together.

“That was hard to do without any seed funding, so we just went ahead and postponed the whole thing so that we

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Cherry Blossom Festival brings Art In Bloom around DC

Art in Bloom features sculptures designed and dressed up by 25 different artists and placed all around D.C.

Most of the National Cherry Blossom Festival is going virtual again this year, but some new events are still going on, and some of them are in person.

One such event, Art in Bloom, features sculptures designed and dressed up by 25 different artists and placed all around D.C., including two at National Landing and one at National Harbor.

All of the artists who were chosen to participate got the same base to start with — which resembles a cross between

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Annual Japanese festival in Phoenix goes online

After growing in popularity for decades, Arizona Matsuri, a festival celebrating Japanese culture and art, hosted its largest event yet at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix last year.

Tens of thousands of attendees queued in hour-long lines for foods such as takoyaki (fried batter octopus balls) and ramen, watched taiko drumming performances and marveled at “the Candyman” Shinobu Ichiyanagi crafting candy sculptures.

Such a large-scale event can’t happen this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. So the matsuri, which translates to “festival,” will soldier on this year as a virtual event on Facebook for the first time.

For 37

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