Almost a decade ago, Roberta and I were walking through Grand Central Terminal in New York when we heard exuberant, vaguely African dance music.  We followed the sound and came upon a group of dancers wearing elaborate horse costumes and executing precisely choreographed movements. Nick Cave, Heard-NY, Grand Central Terminal, […]

Ever heard of Lynne Drexler?  Up to a couple of years ago, you might be excused for not knowing of her.  Born in Newport News, Virginia, in 1928, Drexler moved to New York in the 1950’s and studied with noted modernists Hans Hofmann and Robert Motherwell.  She was a second-generation […]

The Damage of “Practice Makes Perfect” From childhood onward, we’re constantly told that “practice makes perfect.” These three simple words cause us to strive for perfection as a final product. We repeat this mantra to ourselves, hoping that someday, after hours and hours of work, we’ll reach that pinnacle and […]