The first three lessons in my Intro to Classical Drawing course are posted free here on my blog, so you can get a feel for the type and quality of training you can expect from all my online instruction. Welcome! Classical drawing starts with a specific way of sharpening our […]

The Bargue plates are a series of drawings created by French master artist Jean-Léon Gérôme. Prints of his drawings created by lithographer Charles Bargue were produced specifically to teach all art students in France how to draw from observation. These plates set the standard for art instruction in the 19th […]

Get ready for ‘Art Detour,’ Arizona’s month-long celebration of art. The event’s gala Art d’Core is tagged as “the art and culture party of the year” by Phoenix’s Artlink Inc. — and there are good reasons that just might be the case. The 31 days of festivities — hosted by the founders of Phoenix’s First […]