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‘The Free World’ Explains How Culture Heated Up During the Cold War

Amanda Claybaugh, a close colleague of Menand’s in Harvard’s English department before she became the school’s dean of undergraduate education, said that embedding ideas in stories is an “analytical mode” for Menand. “If you tell a story, you have to think in very concrete and specific terms about how culture works in a particular moment, how certain ideas, influences, encounters shape a person.”

How was Menand shaped?

He grew up in the Boston area, where his father was an administrator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His great-grandfather, also Louis Menand (the author is technically Louis Menand IV), was a

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Celebrate Black History Month With These Free Virtual Events | Travel

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many museums and cultural institutions around the country are opting to shift their Black History Month line-ups for the month of February from in-person to online-only affairs. The result is a creative curation of art exhibitions, concerts, panel discussions and other events designed to celebrate, but safely through virtual means. Here are more than a dozen (free!) events to mark on your calendar.


The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., is hosting a comprehensive exhibition focused on the life of Pauli Murray, a Civil Rights activist who was also

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Directory of Free Earn-a-Bike Programs for Kids. Find One Near You

There’s a new kind of classroom popping up in bike shops and cycling co-ops across the US. They’re full of grease-spotted junior bike mechanics learning the mysteries of the bottom bracket, the intricacies of derailleurs, and the satisfaction of building the bike they’ll ride.

These programs, like Recycle a Bicycle in NYC and Bike Works in Seattle, teach more than 11,000 kids the art of bike maintenance every year. And many include earn-a-bike programs, where kids accrue shop hours to exchange for a refurbished bike—often overhauled by their own wrench and steered by adult volunteers and older students.

“We just

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Brentwood Photography Group Offers Free Classes

BPG has offered these Photography Basics classes for years to the group’s nearly 200 members but is opening them to the public at no cost for 2021. Initially, the classes will be offered online via Zoom and require advance registration. To register, go to https://brentwoodphotographygroup.org/photography-basics/ and click on the “Register Here” link. If you experience any issues with registration, email Teran at [email protected].

The classes will be presented at 7 p.m., on the second Tuesday of each month from February through August.

“Later in the year, we hope to be able to present the classes live,” Teran said.

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