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What’s on Netflix This Week: Jupiter’s Legacy, Castlevania, and the French Sci-Fi Thriller Oxygen

What’s out on Netflix this week? The biggest release has to be Jupiter’s Legacy, because it’s a superhero show and superhero shows automatically go to the top of the list since we’re in a seemingly never-ending age of superhero pop culture. Anyhoo, Jupiter’s Legacy, based on Mark Millar’s graphic novels, stars Josh Duhamel as a morally inflexible Superman-type who’s not really feeling the “at all costs” attitude of the newer generation of superheroes. Most importantly: The fights are pretty cool! 

Also out this week is the Sundance film Monster, the final season of the anime Castlevania,

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‘Entourage’ creator Doug Ellin on how ‘wave of righteous PC culture’ impacted HBO show’s legacy [Video]

During its eight-season run on HBO, Entourage was one of the cable network’s most successful series, consistently scoring positive reviews, strong ratings and numerous Emmy nominations for its behind-the-scenes portrayal of early 21st century Hollywood. According to creator Doug Ellin, though, HBO has given the series the cold shoulder since it left the airwaves a decade ago in 2011.

“I resent it tremendously,” Ellin tells Yahoo Entertainment, chalking up his former employer’s skittishness to the same “wave of righteous PC culture” that he feels has engulfed Entourage in recent years, as Hollywood has reckoned with the excesses of its recent

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