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El Museo Looks to Define ‘Latinx Art’ With a Major Survey

For much of the past year, New York City’s museum clock has been running on Covid time. When lockdown hit last March, exhibitions in progress went dark. Some later reopened for a last-gasp run. Others never saw the light again. Still others, originally scheduled to debut during the past several months, have had to carve out new slots. “Estamos Bien — La Trienal 20/21” at El Museo del Barrio, is one of the late-landing arrivals.

The show is El Museo’s first national survey of what it calls Latinx art, using the much-debated gender-neutral and (the museum argues) culturally embracing alternative

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El Museo del Barrio Hosts First Triennial Exhibition

Museums and other institutions have long made their mark with recurring art exhibitions, held every two or three years, that are designed to survey the field in an expansive way. In New York City, the most notable example is the Whitney Museum of American Art’s biennial show, which is set to take place again in 2022.

Now, another institution in the city is joining the current fold: El Museo del Barrio, the Manhattan museum that focuses on the art and culture of Puerto Ricans and Latin-American communities in the U.S., is offering its first triennial exhibition, set to open Saturday.

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