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Music classes, performances, other experiences reach more in Delaware

Kate M. Ransom

A new year is upon us – what it will bring?

The past few brought unexpected circumstances. The world reeled to meet public health challenges. Social strife reached a new pitch. Discourse became shrill, and the divide seemed to deepen. Many of us wonder how we will find middle ground.

What do arts and education have to do with that?

Arts and education organizations live out objectives and purposes that unify, encouraging people to THINK, to FEEL, to SEE, to LISTEN — learn about the past and envision the future. They challenge us to acknowledge differences and

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Arts & Culture Newsletter: Experience German film through the lens of Tijuana’s Nortec music

Good morning, and welcome to the U-T Arts & Culture Newsletter.

I’m David L. Coddon, and here’s your guide to all things essential in San Diego’s arts and culture this week.

In a truly cross-cultural event, Nortec: Bostich y Fussible of Tijuana will perform a world-premiere original score for the 1924 German expressionist silent film Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (Waxworks) on Saturday in the East Village.

“Das Wachsfigurenkabinett,” which was directed by Paul Leni and starred Emil Jannings (the first ever Academy Award winner for Best Actor) and Conrad Veidt (later, the infamous Major Heinrich Strasser in “Casablanca”), tells the

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Corbyn calls for music and poetry at every meeting to tempt people to socialism

More people could be tempted to embrace socialism by including music and poetry in every meeting, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The former Labour leader told an event at The World Transformed conference, which is running alongside the Labour Party conference in Brighton, that political meetings did not need to be boring and “held on cold winter nights in miserable halls”.

And he said there were many different ways in which people could come to “political conclusions”.

General Election 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with activists at Flash Music Theatre, Edgware, London, in 2019 (Victoria Jones/PA)

Mr Corbyn was responding to a question from

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Penny Lane on music, “bad” art and “Listening to Kenny G”

Taste in music is a subjective thing, and as much as there are artists who are seemingly universally hailed as geniuses for their talents and contributions to culture as a whole, liking or not liking a musician or group generally isn’t a very controversial stance.

In her new film Listening to Kenny G, director Penny Lane (Hail Satan?) dives into the idea via her subject from the other end by looking at a popular critical punching bag in the form of the smooth jazz musician.

Lane’s film acts both as a traditional biographical documentary about a hugely

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