These paper luminaries began as a project for our December “Solstice” guide. I was so inspired by how they turned out that I ordered a star hole punch and just kept making more! The idea started as a simple cutting and hole punching station for children using construction paper. In […]

We recently shared a behind-the-scenes video of paper being trimmed on our guillotine machine, which raised many great questions about paper-making and processes, including: what happens to the scraps that are trimmed off? While we have many quillers and weavers itching to get their hands on those perfectly trimmed pieces, […]

Nope, there’s no typo. This paper is called the Fabriano Black Black. According to Fabriano: Fabriano Black Black is a range of uncoated cardboards made of ECF cellulose pulp. This paper is characterized by a very deep black colour due to the high quality and lightfast pigments used for its […]