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Old and new Korean portraits reveal shifts in culture

On the second floor of the Asian Art Museum, near ancient artifacts from China and Japan, there is something new: “Likeness and Legacy in Korean Portraiture,” a collection of austere paintings of military officials from the 1700s juxtaposed with photographs and mixed media works by contemporary Korean artists. The exhibition, which opened over the weekend, is on view through Nov. 29.

Throughout Korea’s Joseon dynasty (1392–1910) and its many wars, “Bunmu,” or distinguished military officers, were treasured by kings whose rule they protected. They were rewarded for their service with portraits created by famous artists, with one copy of the

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Art Exhibition Shares Portraits, Stories Of The Unsheltered In Oceanside

This week, nonprofit art space The Hill Street Country Club opened an exhibition of portrait photography of unsheltered individuals plus onsite programming, panels and events dedicated to homelessness.

“Stories from the Street” features work by photographer Jordan Elijah Verdin, and is curated by Oscarin Ortega. The portraits are of unsheltered individuals, each living within a one-mile radius of HSCC in Oceanside.

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Homelessness in Oceanside is at the center of a debate in recent weeks. On April 7, the Oceanside City Council declared camping in public spaces illegal, and

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