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Marshall women use art to share culture with community | Features

When Dinora Harris and Audrey Lozano first met at the Michelson Museum of Art in 2017, they knew immediately that they were going to be good friends.

The two women have a lot in common: from both being Hispanic immigrants, women from the big city who moved to a small town, volunteering for the same organizations, and even majoring in the same thing in college (com¡munication sciences). However, both Lozano and Harris agreed that while they similarities are what brought them together, it is through their differences that they have found a deeper friendship and shared passion with one

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San Diego group wants to create a Black arts district, to share and preserve culture

On a recent morning, artist Kim Phillips-Pea led two women on a walking tour of a gray city block in Encanto that a couple of decades ago was a hub for Black arts, culture and community.

Today, the area is dominated by a trolley line, a handful of businesses, some homes and apartments and some abandoned buildings.

But it is slowly coming back to life with public artwork by local artists, Phillips-Pea said.

The women stopped to marvel at murals of Malcom X, Elbert Howard, Nipsey Hussle and Dolores Huerta, all on a building behind a barber

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Phoenix Free Little Art Gallery lets neighbors share their love of art

Clare Wright built a tiny art gallery in her front yard to connect the community to local artists and all the art is free.

It’s called a Free Little Art Gallery and it’s located in Phoenix’s Coronado neighborhood on Mitchell south of Palm.

The concept is simple and it’s similar to the free libraries that have been popping up lately. Instead of books, people can take or contribute art.

“I thought it would be kind of a fun way to give back to the community. I’m an artist myself,” Wright said.

She built the art gallery earlier this year after

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Oakland-Based App Catalogit Lets Museums Share Collections

No one can see the future. But former archaeologist Dan Rael and software developer Howard Burrows, both of Oakland, came pretty close when they developed CatalogIt, a mobile app they designed to help private collectors document and catalog their collections.

Today, thousands of museums, organizations and private collectors around the world are using the app, and some are posting pieces of their collections in the publicly accessible CatalogIt HUB, giving sheltered-in-place, museum-starved art lovers a new place to browse for art, photos and more.

HUB visitors can spend hours clicking through thousands of entries, or search across the entire HUB

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