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Charlotte-based painter shares meaning behind her work

Charlotte-based painter Whitney Austin sold thousands of prints of her George Floyd and “Herricane” painting in two hours to earn $55,000

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-based painter Whitney Austin is using her art to harness the frustration of African Americans across the country following the Derek Chauvin verdict — earning her a lot of money and attention.

“I’ve been a full-time artist for the last five years and these last couple of years have been very difficult,” Austin said. “Last year George Floyd and then now it just seems like every week something is coming up.”

Austin usually focuses her work

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MOCA senior staffers quit, citing diversity inertia and ‘hostile’ work culture

MOCA 's newly appointed director, Philippe Vergne, talks about his vision for the museum.

Two high-level staffers have exited the Museum of Contemporary Art. (Nick Ut / Associated Press)

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles confirmed Monday the resignations of two key leaders, a senior curator who quit citing resistance to diversity initiatives and the director of human resources, who left because of a “hostile” work culture.

Mia Locks, senior curator and head of new initiatives, resigned in late March after less than two years on the job. In Locks’ March 26 exit email to the staff, read to The Times by a MOCA employee and confirmed by the museum, Locks

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Crocker Art Museum celebrates Saar family’s powerful work challenging race and gender stereotypes

The “Legends From Los Angeles” exhibition is in what is essentially a hallway at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Photo: Letha Ch’ien

Museums all over the country may have been scrambling to demonstrate their diversity bona fides, but “Legends From Los Angeles” at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento is not an exhibition of tokenism.

Featuring 23 works by legendary Black artist Betye Saar and her two daughters, Lezley and Alison, the exhibit is steeped in African American culture with witty nods to European art history. Despite its location in what is essentially a hallway, “Legends” is the kind

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How 2 friends made art history buying a $70M digital work

It took a few minutes for Vignesh Sundaresan and Anand Venkateswaran to realize that they’d parted with $69.3 million for a digital artwork stored in a JPEG file, coincidentally securing their place in art history.

“We weren’t sure we won,” said Venkateswaran, describing the nerve-wracking final moments of the online auction for a collage of 5,000 images by the artist known as Beeple. “We kept refreshing the page.”

The March 11 auction at Christie’s in London immediately

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