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Arts & Culture Newsletter: In ‘Birds Of a Different Feather,’ artist Saki plays with identity and the avian world

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I’m David L. Coddon, and here’s your guide to all things essential in San Diego’s arts and culture this week.

The wearable art of the Southern California-based artist Saki is by design transformative: “People who’ve worn my works become different people. They become more confident. They wear a different persona.”

Saki’s dioramas play with gender identity and the avian world at its most fanciful in her exhibition “Birds Of a Different Feather” at the Oceanside Museum of Art. “Much of the art that I created is inspired

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Yahoo is helping Black artists enter the NFT digital art world

NFTs are a game-changing digital art. (Getty Images)

NFTs are a game-changer for the art world. (Getty Images)

Words by Lauren Dei

Art has been a storytelling platform since the beginning of time. Creatively, the possibilities are endless – commercially, however, the closed network within which fine art is traditionally produced, rated and purchased caps just how far those outside the network can progress within it.

Until now. In a time where the concept of ownership is becoming less about bricks and mortar and more about narrative, a compelling story can be told through art, sold at a sky-high fee, and leave the seller free from the confines

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Riccardo Muti: art and culture can help heal a world devastated by the pandemic

There is joy in Riccardo Muti’s voice.

The maestro, music director and conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra since 2010, is most happy to be back in the city, he says, returning to live music performances at Orchestra Hall for the first time since February 2020.

The return began two weeks ago with Muti and the CSO kicking off the orchestra’s 2021 fall residency, which ends this weekend with three performances beginning Thursday night.

“The fact that the orchestra here is reunited after 19 months is something of importance not only to the orchestra itself and the musicians who have

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The ‘Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap’ Explains Why Hip-Hop Conquered the World

The new Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap—a nine-disc collection of 129 songs accompanied by a 300-page book—is an imposing object. Yet hip-hop itself is a pretty imposing subject, because it’s not just a musical approach or a radio format, it’s a lifestyle that could never be completely captured by anything that comes in a box. When the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture and the institution’s Folkways label got together to plan the project in the early 2010s, they knew they had taken on a daunting task. How do you tell the stories of generations

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