Top 5 Influential Pop Song Writers in 2022

The Best Songs of 2022

2022 is labeled as the year of artists with eccentric artists such as Taylor Swift, who have revolutionized the music platform worldwide. However, the unsung heroes of such songs are the songwriters. Here is the latest list of our favorite songwriters that continue to push the envelopes of what modern music has the potential to be.

  1. Mark Siegel

The most recent addition to our list, Mark Siegel rapidly became well-known in Nashville, Tennessee for his multi-instrumentalist approach as a songwriter/composer and record producer. You may even be familiar with him as the creator of the Nashville, Tennessee-based artist development organization Static Flight Music Group. Penning songs for pop sensation Jacob Whitesides and Indie Pop artist Abigail Osborn who are taking the world by storm, he’s quickly become a sought-after commodity in the United States for developing upcoming talent. 

He is a featured producer/artist at Alclair Audio, Kawai Pianos, and Radial Engineering and is managed by Kelsey McMahan Williams of Modern Management. He has worked with famous names such as Kane Brown, Danny Gokey and Menna showing his work across several genres accumulating over 50 million streams; including one of 2022’s most popular viral hits “Sex In Public” by pop artist Menna of which Mark wrote and produced. Even in 2023, Mark is expected to release His upcoming “first” solo albums will all have a “cinematic” theme, allowing him to combine his background as a “Pop” record producer and a composer for film trailers. Early in 2023, the first record, “Love Is,” featuring the artist “Adona,” would be released. The songs are expected to reach the heights according to the hype. 

  1. Ryan Tedder

The most successful songwriter to emerge from the shadow of their illustrious songwriting resume is Ryan Tedder. OneRepublic, his band, is highly popular. The band has a long list of successful songs, most of which were written by Tedder, including their vast successes “Apologize” and “Counting Stars.” But Tedder’s songwriting prowess has made him valuable to the music industry. Adele (“Rumour Has It,” “Turning Tables”), Beyonce, and a dizzying array of other musicians have all had songs created by him (“Halo,” “XO”)

  1. Max Martin

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Max Martin, also known as Karl Martin Sandberg, initially gained notoriety by traveling and performing with the heavy metal band It’s Alive. The band released two albums and received favorable reviews, but they have yet to take off. He made friends with producer Denniz PoP when working with his band and persuaded him to make music instead. It was a helpful bit of inspiration. He practically created the 90s pop sound alone, and he still creates hit songs now.

  1. Sia Fuller

Sia, an Australian singer-songwriter whom musicians raised, has been a fan favorite of Australian and New Zealand audiences since the early 2000s. However, solo success in the US proved elusive after moving to New York in 2005. She changed her attention to writing songs for other singers as a result. In 2010, she contributed to many songs on Christina Aguilera’s album “Bionic” and one piece for the film “Burlesque,” which was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

  1. Bonnie Mckee

Bonnie McKee is well known in the music industry as the songwriter behind Katy Perry’s success. She frequently works alongside Max Martin and Dr. Luke. Katy is not her only client, though; she has grown to be a favored lyricist for various musicians. Kelly Clarkson’s iconic songs are among her top hits, including Alone and Hello.

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