West Springfield teen’s art featured on buildings across America

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — During troubling times, a local teenager shared an inspiring message through his artwork, which led to the work being displayed at the nation’s capital in the days leading up to the inauguration and in other major cities nationwide.

West Springfield teen’s art featured on buildings across America

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Eduardo Miranda may only be 17 years old, but this West Springfield High School senior is wise beyond his years. He told Western Mass News that although art and photography has been a longtime hobby of his, he was shocked to find out that he won the contest.

“All of this was really unexpected…Looking at all the other submissions from my class and all over the country there was so many great pieces of artwork,” Miranda said.

What began as a school assignment for Miranda’s graphic design and photography class, led to a winning submission in a national contest. Miranda was chosen as one of 30 students in the age range of 13 to 18 years old to have his work displayed on buildings in U.S. cities, including the nation’s capital in the days leading into the inauguration.

This is the first time that Miranda’s work has been recognized on a national level, but in a written statement to Western Mass News, one of Miranda’s art teachers, Rachel Lepine, shared additional accomplishments, saying in part, “just this semester one of his photos has earned him ‘Artist of the Week’ and the same photo was chosen for the Massachusetts Art Education Association’s youth art month show in March. “

Lepine went on to say “as artists and teachers, it is exciting when we witness our students find their ‘voice’ through their artwork. In this project, ‘in pursuit’ organized by Amplifier and the Getty Unshuttered, students were asked ‘What are you in pursuit of?…In your own life, or in the world.’ I saw this as a great opportunity for students to learn new photography and design skills, while expressing their hopes for the future.”

Indeed, Miranda has high hopes.

“There’s a lot of major issues in the world. I guess one of those issues would be that people have a lot of limitations. They have a lot of boundaries, whether it’s with things like education, civil rights, justice and even just the freedoms to have people express themselves. If people are just trying to do good in the world, they should have more opportunities to do so,” Miranda said.

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