Winona Art Center helps celebrate different holiday traditions

WINONA, Wis. (WKBT)- Winona is helping celebrate different cultures, traditions, and special occasions during their Holidaze event.

Event organizers say that December is rich with celebrations of many different events and faith traditions.

Today at the Winona Arts Center, community members celebrated some of those events.

The event was free and featured an assortment of fun performances, songs, stories, and instrumentals all from different lands and faith traditions.

“Every time there is a celebration or a solecist all traditions have different events and things. As a result, there are Hindus who have a celebration and Jewish people and Buddhists, and Christians and Muslims, so were just trying to recognize and honor all of those traditions,” said Winona Art Center board member, Steve Bachler.

After the event, attendees were invited to join in for a caroling event around the neighborhood.

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